Have you ever thought of practicing a bit more compassion in your life for real? Isn’t it time to stop procrastinating and start to genuinely study and practise? Connect online with the Rigpa Shedra and let the wisdom and compassion of Shantideva transform your day wherever you are!

His Holiness the Dalai Lama says: “If I have any understanding of compassion and the bodhisattva path, it is entirely on the basis of studying the Bodhicharyavatara that I possess it.” 

Follow in his footsteps and join the Bodhicharyavatara Course with teachings from the Rigpa Shedra East in Pharping, Nepal, from 19 January to 26 November 2019. You will have the chance to study Shantideva’s outstanding treatise on entering the Bodhisattva’s way of life at home. This course is designed for both new and “older” students. The Bodhicharyavatara will be taught directly in English by shedra teacher Chantal Bergers.

“My faith will thus be strengthened for a little while
That I may grow accustomed to this virtuous way
But others who now chance upon my words
May profit also, equal to myself in fortune”