Feedback from students


"I am amazed at how far I have come in my practice of meditation in just 10 weeks."

"At the beginning of the course, I thought of meditation as way of relaxing and making your mind go blank―kind of like a trance of some sort. I also viewed it as more of an escape from everyday life. After going through this course, I see how my understanding of the true nature of meditation has changed: that meditation has the definite purpose of helping us to find our innate goodness and that we bring our meditation into our everyday life, not as a means to escape from it. I also appreciate how important it is to have a strong daily practice so that we can more easily bring it with us throughout the day."
 ~ Merriann, USA

"I will continue with the daily meditation that I began during the course. I will also join the next course. I find the communal environment of the course very stimulating. This has been very humbling in a way, as I have come to realize that such a diverse group of people all face the same problems that need to be overcome. It has helped me greatly in my own understanding of what meditation is all about."
 ~ Michael, Mexico

"My practice and understanding have changed dramatically. My number one priority now is to practise; anything else comes after, and as a result of this, all else seems to flow much more smoothly. I begin to see the interconnectedness of how we use our minds and emotions, how what we do and think affects not just us, but everybody and everything we encounter. Prior to this course I had always tried to be “a good person"; now I feel that I am on the way to truly learning how to be one—but I still have a long way to go."
 ~ Kim, USA

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