Meditation & other courses

Meditaion and other courses

Open to all schools and traditions of Buddhist wisdom, and with the guidance and gracious patronage of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Rigpa offers those following the Buddhist teachings a complete path of study and practice, along with the environment they need to experience the teachings fully.

Courses begin with meditation. Should you wish to continue, your instructor will then help you to choose the most suitable course.

Foundation Courses

What Meditation Really Is

What meditiaion really is

We all want to be happy. But often the relentless pace and challenges of life make it impossible to know where to look for happiness.

Through the wisdom of meditation, however, we can find peace and contentment. To our amazement, we discover a profound stillness that is always with us, beneath the turbulence of all our thoughts and emotions.

When we allow our mind to settle, quietly, in its own natural peace, then what happens is quite extraordinary. This unique course has been specially developed by Sogyal Rinpoche after many years of teaching in the West. It brings together over 2,000 years of Buddhist wisdom and experience in a way that is authentic, accessible and completely relevant to modern life.

Led by experienced meditators, it offers a complete introduction to meditation and shows how it can unlock our natural confidence, compassion and creativity.

Students will gain a genuine experience of meditation and all the tools they need to take the benefits into every aspect of their life.

Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

This course will give you a simple introduction to Buddhism, its vastness and profundity, its relevance to modern life and the principles governing Buddhist thought and action, as well as an intellectual grasp of its framework.

An Introduction to the Practice of Loving Kindness

Practical training in loving kindness in a rich and profound, yet simple and accessible way. The teachings and the practice will be based on teachings by Sogyal Rinpoche including Chapter 12 of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Meditation practitioners will find that it is an excellent complement to sitting practice.

Essential Advice for a Spiritual Life

Mengak Study Pack I - Inner Peace and Contentment

The Mengak Study Pack is an in depth study of Sogyal Rinpoche's heart advice on meditation.

Mengak Study Pack II – Ground and Path

The Mengak Study Pack is an in depth study of Sogyal Rinpoche's heart advice on meditation.

Simple Formula

The teachings on the ‘simple formula’ are based on the instructions of the great Dzogchen masters of the past. They are a helpful introduction for newer students setting up their practice, and can also be of great benefit to more experienced students. The teachings consist of instructions on how to create the right environment, practise meditation in formal sessions and integrate the practice in your everyday life.

Turning Suffering and Happiness into Enlightenment

In today’s uncertain world where fear and anxiety are so prevalent, these are profound teachings offer everyone a way to take the difficulties of life onto their path of spiritual development.

Compassion and Bodhichitta

The Bodhichitta Mengak Pack I & II

Compassion, when developed to its deepest extent and linked with wisdom, is embodied in what is called bodhichitta. The success of our path to enlightenment depends entirely upon this compassionate intention. The complete training in bodhichitta is presented in this course, step-by-step and in depth.

The Eight Verses of Training the Mind & The Seven Points of Mind Training

These two courses belong to the category of teaching known as lojong. The essential meaning of the term lojong is ‘training or transforming the mind’.

In the foreword to Transforming the Mind by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, it says:

“The central themes of the lojong teachings include, amongst others, the enhancement of compassion, the cultivation of balanced attitudes towards self and others, the development of positive ways of thinking and the transformation of adverse situations into conditions favourable to spiritual development.”

Advanced Studies on the Ngöndro

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