How online courses work

How online courses work

Established since 1999, the programme offers structured courses, suited for individual circumstance.

Every week, in your own time, you will:

  • Study a new topic
  • Watch one or more videos of teachings
  • Receive individual study and meditation practice advice from an instructor
  • Have the option of interacting with other students

The course is designed to enable you to study at your own pace, within a clear framework.

Students usually begin with a 10-week course on meditation. A whole series of courses is then available for those who wish to deepen their meditation practice and understanding, as well as study compassion. See Meditation and other courses for details.

What others say about our courses

I am amazed at how far I have come in my practice of meditation in just 10 week. Mandy, UK

Read more feedback from students who have followed the 10-week meditation course.

Students from all over the world

Our courses are run by four online centres to create a sense of community for students:

Each centre has a coordinator who will register you and answer your initial questions.

Students from all over the world follow the course: Western and Eastern Europe, North and South America, Australia, Africa and South East Asia.

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